Firopuretan - náhradní díly pro vojenskou kolovou a pásovou techniku
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Business Comapny Friopuretan s. r.o. registered at Hrádek 456, 73997 Hrádek was founded on May, 2012.


Our main business is a purchase and sale of spare parts for wheeled and tracked military vehicles. Our business activity is focused on the countries of the European Union especially Poland and Slovakia.


We provide repairs of pumps, compressors, shock absorbers, filling machines, etc.


We offer spare parts for tank  BVP-1/2 engines UTD-20, S-12U, PV-6, V46-6 and their other modifications, especially nozzles, pistons and injectors.We ale offer the same wide range of elements for passenger cars and trucks of various brands.

Activity overview

Production, trade and services not listed in appendices 1-3 to the Trade Licensing Act

Road motor transport- Freight by vehicles or combinations of vehicles with a maximum authorized mass not exceeding 3,5 tones when intended for a transport of animals or goods

Execution of foreign trade with a military material within the range of a permit issued pursuant to Act No. 38/1994 Coll.

Contact us

Headquarters, invoicing and delivery address- Firopuretan s.r.o., Hrádek 456, 73997 Hrádek Czech Republic

Roman Schneider – CEO - phone +420702044821

T 55